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Xanax abuse is extremely dangerous for adolescents. Our team of experts will help place your adolescent on the right Teen Xanax Treatment Path.

Our mission is to help Los Angeles teens who struggle with Xanax addiction, get clean, stay motivated, and find inner happiness.

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A Unique Treatment Philosophy Created For You

The Teen Xanax Treatment Program is designed to help your adolescent break the chain of teen Xanax addiction. By understanding and addressing the adolescent’s unique past, we can help find the root cause of your teen’s Xanax addiction and teach them how to break the cycle for good.

We help teen's through a series of evidence based therapy sessions (indiviudal, group and family therapy) mixed with mentorship programs to help the adolescent find passions in life.

Teen Xanax Mentorship & Teen Therapy

A structured teen Xanax outpatient treatment program designed for adolescents aged 14-17 who have developed a xanax addiction, and need structure, therapy, and guidance.

Teen Xanax Outpatient Program

Teen PHP aims to provide teens with the most intensive level of care possible in a supervised and structured environment that operates 8 hours per day, five days per week.

Teen Xanax Partial Hospitalization Program

Learning to love life

Focusing on the positive

It can be hard for teens to learn to focus on positives and passions while also learning to adapt patience. But developing a good mindset is key. Each week, we cover exercises to help your child understand the importance of perseverance and self-confidence in social situations.

Our evidence based therapy approach mixes individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. You can help your child succeed in treatment by participating in family therapy. Individual one on one therapy works because as an organization, we build trust with the teenager. Our staff will offten precipitating in adventure therapy with the adolescents. Group therapy is a safe place where teens can learn from one another's mistakes while taking feedback and being guided by our clinical team. Family therapy is highly effective, and we've seen teenagers have long lasting sobriety, and real life changes when parents participate in family therapy.

Teen Therapy

Teen Xanax Treatment
Teen Xanax Treatment
Struggling teens need mentors, and positive role models. We can help match your teen with successful mentors that have similar passions as your teen. Ingiting passion is a great way to help kick an addiction.


Los Angeles Teenage Xanax Treatment

Our adolescent Xanax treatment program offers the highest level of care available to Los Angeles struggling teens. Through our program, patients get education about substance abuse and its consequences, as well as opportunities to practice healthier habits, be a part of clinical therapy programs, and learn from one another. Our staff members are dedicated to helping teens recover and improve their lives. Our program is fortunate to accept most PPO insurance plans.

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